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Carpet Cleaning


What's Included

  • Pre-vacuum and edge cleaning

  • Moving basic furniture*

  • Professional carpet cleaning 

  • Spot cleaning 

  • Carpet grooming 

*With the exception of beds, electronics, pool tables, instruments, hutches, breakables, and items that would require two people.


Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet collects indoor airborne allergens and pollutants like dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, hair, and more within the fibers. When agitated, those allergens and pollutants release back into the air you breathe.


Cleaning your carpets is an often forgotten aspect of improving your indoor air quality. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. Carpet cleaning is performed by a technician you trust. You will know in advance not only what your cost will be, but also who will appear at your door each and every cleaning. No hidden fees or pressured up-selling! 

As parents and consumers, we understand what truly matters; your family. That's why we offer hassle-free services and the use of family-friendly cleaning solutions to assure a clean, healthy indoor environment. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians provide carpet cleaning tips to get rid of your stains with relative ease.

Fresh Air Matters also offers cleaning for sofas, and rugs, as well as love seats and other upholstery. We remove stains and odors to help you improve and maintain a healthy indoor environment.  


For more information about Fresh Air Matters' carpet cleaning service, contact us. 

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