Published May 1, 2020


It is an absolute honor to introduce our May Spotlight, Jenni Truax. Although Jenni was born in Australia, when she was 2 her family moved to Southern California where she was raised. Jenni has moved all around the country with her husband, who was in the United States Air Force for 21 years, and their three children. Her dedication has been directed towards raising a happy and healthy family while also establishing a family first mentality. Jenni and family moved to Texas in October of 2017.




In August of 2019 Jenni was approached by a fellow real estate agent who convinced her to establish a career as a real estate professional. With the success Jenni has created throughout the years by helping to create and raise a beautiful family, it is no wonder why she has been able to create that same success within her new career. 


When asked why a potential client would utilize her services over others she said, "I am extremely thorough and I have experience buying and selling several homes with all of our military moving. I have a keen eye for a great home and also for things to watch out for". Although she doesn't restrict herself to assisting only military families, Jenni admits to having "a huge heart for military members both past and present". She does not have a real estate specialty, however her real estate knowledge and services have predominantly been utilized in the cities of Plano, Richardson, Lucas, Murphy, and Wylie. 


Follow the link below for more information about Jenni:


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