Published March 1, 2020

This month we are excited to introduce Maggie Dieter. Maggie has created excellent brand recognition, client relationships, and maintained all around success in the real estate industry. Her specialty is residential home sales and due to her Dallas roots, she generally focuses within Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Rockwall, and the

surrounding areas, but she has also 


helped clients in Arlington and Fort Worth.


Before committing to the real estate industry Maggie was a teacher and although she has stepped out of the classroom, she remains an educator. When asked why she wanted to get into the real estate industry she said, "I was a teacher before getting into real estate and I wanted to continue educating/helping others with a more flexible schedule".



We asked her what sets her apart from other realtors and she said, "I am dedicated to each and every one of my clients, making sure their interests are always put first. Education is my passion. I educate and inform clients throughout the whole process, making sure they thoroughly understand each step of the way.

I handle all the paperwork and negotiations making sure clients get their dream home and will not move forward until they are satisfied. Whether you are buying, selling, investing, or leasing, I can help you. I help make the process run smoothly, saving you time, money and energy. 

Maggie is still in her first year as a real estate professional, but in that short time she has dedicated herself to professional growth by hosting first time buyer seminars. These seminars allow Maggie

to offer important advice, and utilize her expertise on the market to educate her clients. More importantly, she has proven why she is an excellent candidate to become your next realtor.

For more information about Maggie and what she can do to help you find your next dream home, you can visit any of her online platforms:






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