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The APART™ Collection Cartridge uses patented technology to trap dangerous fine and ultrafine pollutants including wildfire smoke and virus particles. The high-capacity, long-life cartridge maintains constant effectiveness with no performance decline over the life of the cartridge. 


Tip: Since the APART Collection Cartridge can last a year or more, order an extra refill now to keep on hand for each Brio Air Purifier in your home or office.

Brio APART Collection Cartridge

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  • How often should I replace the APART Collection Cartridge? >

    We recommend replacing the APART Collection Cartridge annually, however the actual cartridge life depends on how often you use your Brio Air Purifier and how much indoor air pollution you have. Under typical circumstances, we estimate the APART Collection Cartridge can last well over a year before it needs replacement, however this may vary with your specific use and in the presence of extreme air pollution. When it has reached its capacity, the CHECK/CHANGE indicator will light on the Brio Air Purifier.

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