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Air Duct Cleaning

Our DFW Air Duct Cleaning Services

  • Deep Clean - Our Roto Brush Brush Beast air duct cleaning machine is 90% more powerful than other brush vacuum cleaning units and reaches 52′ into each duct to thoroughly brush and vacuum even the smallest particulates and debris from the surface of your air ducts for the deepest cleaning available. No matter what type of ductwork you have, the Brush Beast is capable of tackling the job.

  • General Cleaning - Our negative air pressure machine is connected to your main return vent to vacuum all loose debris from within your air duct system. All debris is vacuumed into a specialized HEPA filter bag. 

Why should you have your air ducts cleaned?

There is a continuous cycle of airflow within your home. Over time, dust bypasses your furnace filter. 

Particles of dust, allergens, pollutants, and other contaminants collect within your air duct system. Without proper cleaning, the dirty air seeps into your home and diminishes the quality of the air you breathe in your home.

This exposure can lead to immediate side effects such as irritated eyes, nose, and throat; headaches; dizziness; and fatigue. It can also lead to long-term side effects such as heart disease, cancer, and certain respiratory diseases.

What's In Your Dirty Air Ducts?

Dust particles collected in the ducts can be contributed to by cooking, smoking, or household cleaning agents.  Along with dust, the air ducts within your home, business or school can be filled with

  • mold spores

  • pollen

  • pet hair

  • pet dander

  • dust mites

  • bacteria

  • rodent feces

  • insects

Regular air duct cleaning can remove these contaminants from your home, making it easier to breathe and improving your family’s overall health. In addition, clean air ducts improve your home’s energy efficiency by allowing your HVAC system to work more efficiently, and save money are energy bills.

*We do not use any kind of chemicals unless mold or mildew is detected and treatment is recommended. 

​**Unlike most air duct cleaning companies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, our air duct cleaning service is priced per unit with unlimited supply and return vents included in that price. There aren't any hidden fees, and whether you choose a deep clean or general clean, our technicians will perform a complete system inspection at no additional cost.

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