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Westinghouse Air Purifiers

Keep your family safe from Viruses, Germs & Indoor Air Pollution. Introducing Westinghouse Air Purifiers, with our worldwide patented medical-grade NCCO, Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation, and air purification technology.

Other purifiers only “trap” and “store” harmful pollutants. Westinghouse Air Purifiers eliminate viruses, germs, and allergens and eliminate VOCs, smoke, and odors.


This medical-grade technology is now available for your home.

Westinghouse Air Purifiers
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Westinghouse Air Purifiers

Westinghouse Air Purifiers use the Worldwide Patented NCCO Technology and Active Oxygen to eliminate viruses, germs, allergens, and VOCs.

This same technology is being used worldwide to contain the spread of viruses and germs.


Keep your family safe and healthy with

Westinghouse Air Purification.