Take Clean Air with You Wherever You Go with WYND

Take clean air with you, wherever you go. Wynd creates a bubble of purified air around you by filtering, dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from your personal space. Powerful cleaning in the palm of your hand.

Wynd Air Purifiers
Wynd Air Purifiers

Why You Should Choose Wynd

Wynd combines medical-grade and high-tech innovation to enable healthy spaces by increasing the safety, comfort, and performance of building inhabitants. Providing cost-effective, reliable, and accurate data, along with AI that measures what other air quality sensors can't to ensure healthier, safer, and smarter buildings. 

Wynd's proprietary V-Series HEPA filter contains 2X the filter surface area, and utilizes triple layer system that kills germs, removes particulates and gases - including allergens, mold, toxic odors, air pollution.