• Ultra HEPA filtration capturing .003 micron particles while others only capture .3 micron particles. Click the picture above for a better understanding.

  • Air quality sensor

  • Change filter alert

  • Night mode

  • 4 fan speeds

  • 24-hour timer

  • Auto mode

  • Sealed system – all the air that goes in comes out clean. There are no unsealed leaks.

  • 30% quieter than fans in ordinary air purifiers.

  • CADR Pollen – 373, Dust 343, Smoke 326

  • Filters a 150 sqf room 16x per hour.

Indoor air pollution is caused by a combination of particles like pollen, dust, Bacteria & Viruses, pet dander, mold spores and smoke combined with ozone, invisible gases and volatile organic compounds which are emitted by building materials, furniture, carpeting, paint, cleaning and personal care products. These indoor airborne allergens/pollutants circulate through the air in your home and collect on your A/C filter, return vent, as well as within your HVAC system. If not maintained properly, or left untreated your health could be at risk.  

Allergy Symptoms

Long Term Health Risks associated with Poor Indoor Air Quality

Health conditions may show up years after exposure or after long/repeated periods of exposure. Long term risks can include respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer, and can be severely debilitating and have a tremendous impact on the quality of everyday life.