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The Fresh Air Matters Initiative

Helping our community one classroom at a time.

Air Quality In Schools And Classrooms

Teachers and students spend at least 8 hours a day, up to 186 days a year in the same classroom. Without proper ventilation and proper air filtration, the air they breathe can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor.


The air we breathe affects our professional and academic success more than you might think. Poor indoor air quality can lead to more absences, which have been directly linked to lower test scores and increases in medical costs, including doctor visits and medication. 

Our Dedication To Our Community

Fresh Air Matters is dedicated to helping our communities in any way possible, which includes education. That's why we established The Fresh Air Matters Initiative to help teachers and students all around Dallas/Ft. Worth and the lower 48 states within the United States, however, we need your help! When you make a donation of ANY amount or purchase your official Fresh Air Matters merchandise, we will use ALL monetary donations and ALL net proceeds from our merchandise sales to donate an Austin Air Systems air purifier with a 5-year filter life to teachers to help them and their students create and breathe the purified air they deserve.

The Fresh Air Matters Initiative

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The Fresh Air Matters Initiative is dedicated to helping teachers and their students breathe the purified air they deserve. 


This is your opportunity to help.


By clicking the Donate link and donating ANY amount, all monetary donations will go towards the donation of Austin Air Systems air purifiers to teachers and students all around the United States.

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