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Can A Furnace Suck Up a Filter?

Fresh Air Matters Air Filter Replacement Plans

The short answer is, yes. As the weather changes and air conditioners begin going from Heat to Cool, the first thing to do is to replace your air filters! Without regular filter replacement, your furnace has to work harder to maintain efficiency which causes faster-than-normal part breakdown, and restricted airflow, which negatively affects your IAQ. However, did you know that your air filter can also get sucked into your furnace causing major damage to expensive parts?

Can this happen?

Yes, unfortunately. A filter that becomes heavily clogged can collapse because of the strain from the blower fan, leading to it falling into the blower motor itself. This can seriously damage the motor and requires immediate repairs from professionals.

However, this problem can also happen for other reasons. Just because it's cheaper, doesn't mean it's better. Extremely thin and inexpensive filters are more likely to be pulled into the blower motor, especially if they have creases in the surrounding cardboard frame. Clogging in the filter will increase the chance that this happens. Finally, the problem with a collapsing filter can also occur if the filter is put backward since the support for the filter will be on the wrong side.

How To Combat The Issue

If your air filter has been sucked into your furnace, contact us and we'll send our professional technician to help diagnose and fix the issue. Furthermore, Fresh Air Matters uses top-brand air filters that are proven to capture the allergens, and pollutants negatively affecting your IAQ and overall health. And, with a FAM air filter replacement plan, the filter is regularly replaced allowing for maximum HVAC efficiency, maximum air circulation, and maximum air filtration. We provide the filters, replace them for you, and clean your return vents on the same day and time, every 30-90 days. For more information on how FAM helps you

create a healthy indoor environment, go to our website, or contact us!

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