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Does The Weather Affect Your Indoor Air Quality?

Believe it or not, the weather outside can affect the air you breathe inside.

It’s a classic, hot summer day. After soaking up the sun all day long, you head inside to cool off and breathe in fresh, clean air. As you’re cooling off, are you thinking about your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

Probably not. Your first thought, as you cool off is most likely not how the weather impacts your IAQ, but it’s important to keep in mind!

5 Ways Weather Can Affect Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):

  1. Pollen – When the temperature rises so does the pollen count! This affects indoor and outdoor air quality. Many people with allergies are impacted by a high pollen count.

  2. Windows – On a hot summer day, you might think to open a window. If hot, air blows inside and if you don’t have a quality HVAC unit, air purifier, or dehumidifier, your IAQ will be negatively impacted. Weather, such as extreme heat, can increase the potential for indoor moisture, if not controlled by proper ventilation or air conditioning.

  3. Rain/Storms – It is no secret that Texas can bring unexpected weather changes. If there are leaks on the exterior of your home, moisture and water are let in. Dampness occurs due to the leaks on the exterior. This can lead to externalities such as breathing problems and asthma.

  4. HVAC System - Without the proper size system and HVAC maintenance, your HVAC system could be working harder to cool or heat your home. As your system works harder components break down faster and need to be replaced. One of the most common reasons for HVAC malfunction and poor indoor air quality is restricted airflow due to the failure to replace the A/C filters every 30-90 days.

A hot summer day can definitely impact the air you breathe. Fresh Air Matters offers plans, services, and indoor air quality products to help you improve your indoor air quality by creating fresh, purified indoor air.

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