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Indoor Air Quality in Schools

Indoor air quality is a necessary concern in many schools due in part to the age, poor condition of a number of school buildings, and lack of proper ventilation. Indoor air quality in schools is particularly important as it may affect the health, performance, and comfort of teachers, school administrators, students, and other school staff members and without proper ventilation or purified air, their health is at risk.

Managing indoor air quality in schools presents unique challenges. Unlike managing other buildings, managing schools involves the responsibility for public

Fresh Air Matters - The Fresh Air Matters Intiative
Help create purified air in schools and classrooms around the country.

funds and child safety issues. In addition, occupants are close together. Typical schools have approximately four times as many occupants as an office building with the same amount of floor space. Without proper ventilation and air purification, the air within the classrooms can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor our.

Student learning and productivity is affected by the health and comfort of both students and teachers. Poor indoor air quality in schools can affect student attendance and academic performance. The presence of indoor airborne pollutants also impacts teachers and staff, which can further disrupt the learning environment within the school. When indoor air problems go unaddressed, it can cause health issues such as eye irritation, cough, headaches, fatigue, and allergic reactions. Airborne allergens also trigger asthma symptoms and other respiratory illnesses. Exposure to asthma triggers such as dust mites, molds, pesticides can make asthma symptoms worse. Unfortunately, these allergens are commonly found in schools and classrooms.

Promote a healthy learning environment at your school to improve test scores and enhance student and staff productivity. Indoor air quality is still an important part of maintaining a healthy indoor environment in schools. Fresh Air Matters specializes in creating fresh, purified indoor air in schools by fulfilling regularly scheduled A/C filter replacements, services like air duct cleaning, HVAC maintenance, as well as the most technologically innovative and clinically proven HEPA filter air purifiers, and indoor air purification products.

Fresh Air Matters - The Fresh Air Matters Initiative
Help create purified air in schools and classrooms around the country.

Fresh Air Matters has recently established The Fresh Air Matters Initiative, in which all proceeds from our tee shirt sales and all monetary donations will be used to donate air purifiers to teachers and school administrators around the country in an effort to help them create purified indoor air in their schools and classrooms.

If your school isn´t utilizing our plans, services, air purifiers, or indoor air purification products, inform them of how we can help them create fresh, purified indoor air.

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