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The Air In Your Home

We’ve all been spending more time at home. Whether working, homeschooling, or just relaxing, indoor air quality has never been more critical.

Fresh Air Matters Air Purifiers

Air Purification Is Necessary for The Home

Indoor air pollution comes from a variety of different sources; harsh cleaning products, DIY products may be easy to spot, but others may not be so obvious. If you’re cooking on a gas stove, for example, you could be releasing dangerous amounts of Nitrogen Dioxide into your home. Scented products, such as candles, laundry detergent, and air fresheners often contain harmful ingredients that can negatively impact air quality. And, if you live in a newly constructed home or have recently remodeled, you could be exposed to dangerous levels of chemicals and VOCs from new flooring, paint, furnishings, carpets, and much more.

Add to this the fact that modern homes are well-insulated and draft-free, so pollutants are often trapped inside, with nowhere to go, which affects your air quality and could contribute to respiratory issues for you and your family.

Who Recommends Air Purifiers?

Austin Air Systems

Advice from the CDC, WHO, and EPA is clear: to minimize the spread of airborne viruses like COVID-19, in indoor spaces, portable HEPA air purifiers are recommended. In fact, an extensive review by the EPA concluded the combination of HEPA and Carbon is the safest and most effective solution. Fresh Air Matters offers an extensive selection of innovative and clinically proven HEPA filter and other patented filter air purifiers that can purify the air in spaces ranging from 45 sq ft to over 2,000 sq ft. For our recommendations, follow this LINK.

What Does Fresh Air Matters Recommend?

Depending on your budget and your need, we have what you´re looking for. Whether Air Doctor, Westinghouse, Medify, Molekule, Trusens, or Austin Air Systems, our air purifiers help create a healthy indoor environment by collecting, removing, and eliminating the indoor airborne allergens, pollutants, and contaminatns negatively impacting your indoor air and your overall health. However, choosing the best air purifier can be intimidating and daunting. One recommendation ooowe make is an Austin Air Systems HealthMate Plus.

Austin Air Systems

According to an EPA report, a significant amount of HEPA and Carbon must be used in your air purifier’s filtration otherwise filters will need to be changed often (every few months). That’s why the Austin Air HealthMate Plus has:

  • 60 sq. ft. of True Medical Grade HEPA proven to remove 99% of all virus particles larger than 0.1 microns.

  • Over 780 cubic inches of Activated Carbon, Potassium Iodide Impregnated Carbon, and Zeolite. Removes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, benzenes, chemicals, gases, and odors.

The amount of HEPA and carbon used ensures a long filter life of up to 5 years.

For more information about the air purifiers we offer and which we recommend based on the size of the occupied space and price range, click HERE.

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