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The New Trusens Performance Series

Creating a healthy indoor environment is what we do. Whether through local plans and services, or through clinically proven air purifiers, air quality readers, and other indoor air quality products, Fresh Air Matters helps you clean the air you breathe by capturing, removing, and eliminating the indoor airborne allergens, pollutants, and contaminants that negatively affect indoor air quality and your overall health.

Trusens Air Purifiers

Creating The Best Air Purifiers

As a group of passionate product designers and engineers, Trusens is on a mission to help improve the air in spaces we spend the most time in. From a small city apartment, suburban household, or to large corporate office space, TruSens products provide a clear benefit to every area. As indoor air quality becomes more of a focus, facility managers in the professional sector are searching for air purification products for their offices. Air purifiers may be everywhere, but most often they are in lobbies, offices, and conference rooms. While all features are very important, capture rate % and filter life have higher importance for respondents. It is very important for the filter to remove all types of particles, especially germs and viruses. Room size/coverage is most important, but CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and Room air charges per hour are very important as well.

Introducing The Power Of Fresh Air

Trusens Air Purifiers

TruSens Performance Series Air Purifiers deliver complete coverage in professional spaces with a powerful clean air delivery rate. The new Z-6000 & Z-7000 include:

• Combination True HEPA / Activated Carbon Filters


• Remote SensorPod Air Quality Monitor

• Interactive Control Panel and Air Quality Display

The new TruSens Performance Series Purifiers deliver complete coverage

with powerful CADR performance. Standard testing with these air purifiers has proven to capture allergens, pollutants, and contaminants such as dust, smoke, and pollen in spaces around 2,000 sq ft.

Reduce Airborne Virus Exposure

TruSens Performance Series Air Purifiers eliminate 99.99% of airborne coronavirus. These results from independent third-party testing using the aerosolized airborne concentration of human coronavirus 229E over a two-hour period in a sealed chamber. HCoV-229E is a well-established surrogate for SARS-CoV-2. The new performance series offers four layers that includes dual-sided filters. With a washable pre-filter, activated carbon pellet filter, a true HEPA filter, and a True-Beam UVC light, the new performance series air purifiers are guaranteed to create a healthy indoor environment by cleaning the air you breathe.

Sensor-Pod Air Quality Monitor & Air Quality Display

Trusens Sensor-Pod

Placed across the room, the remote SensorPodTM air quality monitor measures particulate matter (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air,

communicating real-time readings back to the air purifier. The air quality display on the front of the air purifier reflects the readings from the SensorPodTM with a color-coded ring and air quality number, with details on particulate matter (PM) and VOCs.

Powerful Filtration

Trusens Air Purifiers

The combination of a True HEPA filter and the activated carbon pellet filters are at the core of purifying your air and replacing it is essential for optimal air purifier

performance. TheTruSens Performance Series Air Purifiers, Z-6000 and

Z-7000, including dual-sided filter slots. The machine uses two combination filters at a time with an estimated 1-year life.


The TRU-BEAM UV-C Light system provides exceptional coverage of the True HEPA Filter using an engineered array of custom-designed optical reflectors and UV-C

lights. The TRU-BEAM UV-C Lights are designed to last for the entire life of the product, saving time and money and eliminating the need for replacement.

Cleaning Your Indoor Air

Fresh Air Matters is proud to offer the NEW performance series from Trusens. Although these air purifiers are designed specifically for cleaning the air within gathering large spaces, our air purification products from top-brand manufacturers are proven to improve your air quality and overall health by cleaning the air you breathe.

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