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Molekule Air Pro is a revolutionary air purifier that's designed to cover up to 1000 sq. ft., whether in a home or professional setting. Air Pro delivers 3x the airflow of Molekule's award-winning consumer devices, detects airborne particulate matter, and offers two automated modes for extra particle protection. Air Pro features Molekule's patented PECO air purification technology. Instead of simply collecting airborne particles like traditional air purifiers, PECO destroys OCs, bacteria, mold, viruses, allergens, and more at a molecular level.

Molekule Air Pro

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Triple Airflow

    • 3x airflow of Molekule’s award-winning home air purifiers for high-traffic spaces & high-needs users.

    PECO Destruction

    • Patented PECO technology destroys viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens & chemicals in the air.

    Proven by Science

    • Refined over 25 years of R&D, validated by independent testing & university research labs.

    Expansive Coverage

    • Built to handle huge spaces & open floor plans, each Air Pro purifier helps protect up to 1000 sq. ft.
  • Room size coverage          

    Up to 1000 sq. ft. (92.9 m²) with avg. 8-ft.


    Handle Vegan leather
    Filters Multi-layer PECO-Filter
    Power consumption

    Lowest speed — 26 W/h | Highest speed — 123 W/h

    (3-prong power plug)

    Sound levels

    Lowest speed — 33 dBa    Highest speed — 64 dBa

    App-enabled iOS & Android
    WiFi-enabled 2.4 GHz
    Cord length 70.87 in. (180 cm)

    23.9 in. (58.6 cm) high

    10.9 in. (27.8 cm) wide

    Weight 22.9 lbs (10.38 kg)
    Warranty 2-year limited warranty
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