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The 1804

  • Personal & Portable Air Purifier

  • Perfect for: Car, Office, Home, Workshop, Bathroom, Travel, Hotel, Plane or Train

  • 2 Fan Speeds

  • Silent Mode

  • Re-Chargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

  • At least 8 Hours of Operation on a Single Charge

  • Air Flow Volume: 12-25 m3/hr

  • 3 Stage Air Purification System:

    •  Oxygen Generator

    •  True HEPA Filter

    •  NCCO Reactor​

  • Leather Carrying Strap

  • Woven Hanging Strap is included

  • Two-Color, Easy to Clean Casing

Westinghouse 1804 Personal Air Purifier

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Westinghouse Air Purifiers are environmentally friendly as the fan is the only part of the unit that uses any electric power. The rest of the unit functions without power.

    HEPA Filters removes germs, viruses, PM25 particulate and allergens.

    NCCO Reactors breakdown  VOCs, such as Formaldehyde.

    Oxygen Generators work with the filter and reactor to kill and eliminate up to 99% of pollutants.

    The fan pushes unfiltered air through the system at two speeds and runs for at least 8 hours on a single charge.

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