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NCCO air purification technology was developed for commercial applications and is used in hospitals, office buildings, airports, subways, and public facilities to improve & maintain good air quality. What's new is that this technology is now available for home and personal applications. Keep your family safe on the go with the Portable/Personal Westinghouse Air Purifier, featuring Medical Grade NCCO air purification technology (Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation). This Medical Grade Technology is only used Westinghouse Air Purifiers. NCCO Technology and Active Oxygen to KILL Viruses, Germs, and Eliminates VOCs. This same technology is being used World Wide to contain the spread of Viruses and Germs in Hospitals, Operating Rooms and Industrial Clean Rooms. Westinghouse Air Purifiers use NCCO Reator and the positive Charged Oxygen Radicals from the Oxygen Genrator attack VOCs, Grems and Viruses render them inert, and break them down at the molecular level into trace amount of water vapor and CO2. Westinghouse Air Purifiers do not "trap" and "store" harmful pollutants as most other purifiers do. Keep your family safe and healthy with the best protection possible from indoor pollutants and allergens with Westinghouse Air Purification technologies working together, HEPA Filtration, NCCO, and Active Oxygen, we are the only units using this technology available for the home.

  • Patented Replacement NCCO Reactor for Westinghsoue Air Purifiers 1701 & 1702
  • NCCO kills what other air purifiers only filter & collect
  • Perfect for: Car, Office, Home, Workshop, Bathroom, Travel, Hotel, Plane or Train
  • NCCO Reactor lasts 3 to 5 years, and in test has prefomed flawlessly for up to 12 years

Westinghouse Replacement Filter NCCO Reactor for 1701 & 1702

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