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Air Purifiers

Features & Benefits

  • Senses Pollutants

Benefit from clean air everywhere, not just near the purifier. Placed across the room, SensorPod, available on select air purifiers, measures pollutants and communicates results back to the purifier. This ensures that the entire room has cleaner air.

  • Responds To Your Air

Know when your air is good, moderate or poor. SensorPod air quality readings are displayed on an illuminated disc. This gives you peace of mind that TruSens is responding and doing its job.

  • Clean Air Everywhere

PureDirect proprietary technology splits clean air into two streams. It delivers purified air comfortably and efficiently throughout the room.

Say Hello to TruSens Smart

Take control of your indoor air quality from anywhere in the world with our new Smart Air Purifier.  With the TruSens Smart App, you’ll know the quality of your indoor and outdoor air in real-time.

The Z-2500 and Z-3500 Wi-Fi® enabled air purifiers work with Alexa voice commands.

Captures and Destroys Pollutants*

360 degree DuPont™ filtration captures common pollutants such as allergens, VOC gases and microscopic particles. UV-C light kills germs and bacteria trapped in the filter.

*In laboratory testing, UV-C lamps killed >98% staphylococcus aureus and psuedomonas aeruginosa



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