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Air Purifiers

Features & Benefits

  • Patented Advanced 

  • Particle Removal 

  • Technology captures pollutants without reducing airflow or effectiveness.

  • Low maintenance, low cost to own due to long-life disposable cartridge and energy star certification.

Brio’s innovative technology is a remarkable, new alternative to HEPA-style air purification. Independent lab testing shows Brio removes particles as small as 10.7 nanometers (that's 0.0107 microns) using patented Advanced Particle Removal Technology (APARTTM) developed by air quality experts at the University of Washington. And it does so without filter clogging.

Brio delivers a constant, clean airflow for better indoor air quality all day, every day. Brio does what HEPA can’t. Designed for use in homes, offices, and small business establishments, Brio removes invisible fine and ultrafine particles, including viruses, germs, smoke, dust, and pollen using patented Advanced Particle Removal Technology (APARTTM). APART keeps Brio’s effectiveness high over the entire period between cartridge replacements.

Brio's non-clogging particle collection cartridge can last a year or longer, saving time and money while deep cleaning the air. HEPA air purifiers, which clog as they filter, can't make the same promise.



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