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Breathing Easier Begins with Clean Air Filters

Why is replacing your air filters so important? One of the most common reasons for poor indoor air quality and HVAC malfunction is restricted airflow and poor air filtration caused by the failure to regularly replace the A/C filters.

​The cleanliness of your A/C air filter directly impacts the quality of the air in your home. In fact, the primary job of the air filter is to clean the air that circulates through the air within an occupied dwelling which is brought to the HVAC system.

As your air filters age, the ability to collect indoor airborne allergens and pollutants like pollen, dust, pet dander, dirt, hair, and more diminishes causing those indoor airborne allergens and pollutants to collect on your furnace coil, on your air duct walls and ultimately released back into the air your family breathes!

In addition, the more congested your air filter, the harder your HVAC system has to work to cool or heat your home. As your system works harder it becomes less efficient due to faster part breakdown, which ultimately leads to sometimes costly and otherwise avoidable repairs.

How often should you replace your filters? It is recommended in order to maintain maximum air filtration, maximum air circulation, and maximum HVAC efficiency air filters should be replaced every 30-90 days.

In a home with few occupants and minimum exit and re-entry, it's recommended to replace your air filters every 90 days.

For homes with kids, pets, and/or a high number of occupants, a higher amount of allergens and pollutants can enter the home it is recommended that A/C air filters be replaced every 30-60 days.

It's time to take control of your indoor air quality. Fresh Air Matters specializes in helping you create a healthy indoor environment by cleaning the air you breathe. Our local services, including our air filter replacement plans, are proven to capture, remove, and eliminate airborne allergens and pollutants negatively affecting your IAQ and overall health. When you schedule your personalized air filter replacement plan not only will we provide the filters, we will replace them for you and clean your return vents on the same day and time every 30-90 days.

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