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Electrostatic Technology

A/C filters use Electrostatic technology. But, what is it?

Fresh Air Matters replaces your A/C filters every 30-90 days.

What is electrostatic?

Static electricity is caused by a difference in the charges of particles. Electrostatic air filters are made of filter media that undergo a process to "charge" it, thereby creating that attractive quality.

Instead of getting pulled through the filter and physically caught and blocked by filter material, the particles are actually attracted to the filter media because of physics. However, the static electricity used to attract the indoor airborne allergens/pollutant particles don´t last forever. Most filters with electro-static technology last up to around 90 days, depending on your living conditions.

What filters are electrostatic?

Electrostatic simply means "uses static electricity." Washable filters are electrostatically charged. Since that's how they are typically marketed, it's become a general understanding that that is what an electrostatic filter is. However, most pleated filters are electrostatic as well.

Unlike filters of the washable variety, pleated filters don't have to be charged to have an electrostatic element. Some are, and as a result, produce a powerful electrostatic field that helps catch the smallest of particles.

Does Fresh Air Matters use electrostatic filters?

Fresh Air Matters specializes in improving your indoor air quality and only uses only electrostatic filters to collect indoor airborne allergens/pollutant particles. However, we also understand that the electrostatic doesn´t last forever and the filters need to be replaced every 30-90 days to maximize HVAC efficiency and improve your indoor air quality. Never replace your A/C filters or clean your return vents again. Go to to schedule your A/C filter replacement plan, and not only do we provide the A/C filter, but we also replace them for you and clean your return vent too!

Fresh Air Matters replaces your A/C filters every 30-90 days.
Fresh Air Matters - A/C Filter Replacement Plans

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