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Hotels Are Paying Attention To Your Health

Hotels are offering amenities that were previously unheard of. Along with upgraded concierge services, fitness rooms, business centers, and on-site restaurants, guests have come to expect other considerations in hotels where they stay. The pandemic has brought the importance of healthy indoor air to the forefront of customer service, customer satisfaction, and customer's overall health.

Fresh Air Matters Air Purifiers

Between COVID-19, extreme temperatures, wildfires, and overall poor air quality, concerns about air pollution and air quality have grown in recent years. Highly populated and high traffic areas have new rules and regulations, and on socially, the hospitality industry has taken the initiative to take a more active role in keeping their indoor air clean to keep their guests safe. This has proven to be a positive component in the hospitality industry as hotel guests around the world are noticing the attention being given to improving air quality. Ultimately being great for guests, staff and for the environment - but it’s good for business as well.

Expectations Have Changed

While originally little was known about how exactly the Covid-19 virus spread, now medical experts agree that it’s important to clean the air. That’s why hotels seeking to remain relevant and competitive are installing air purifiers. Similar to airlines, hotels know that installing high-efficiency, top-quality, top-brand air purifiers will keep guests safe and show them that they care about their overall health.

It is because of these reasons that you will notice more hotel chains utilizing air purifiers in their lobby, hotel rooms, and gathering spaces within the hotel itself. You can expect this attention to quality indoor air to continue as people become more aware of air pollution and more cautious in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. People are gaining a more thorough understanding of the ways air quality impacts their overall health and wellness. Hospitality professionals know that guests will be looking at air quality when they make hotel choices. In fact, in many areas around the country, it will be mandated that hotels as well as other industries pay more attention to the air quality within their building and if not mandated, at least highly encouraged. Even cruise lines are already adopting this measure.

Air Purifiers And Your Health

Fresh Air Matters - Wynd Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a smart play across the board. Clean air leads to better overall health and well-being. That means travelers and guests will feel more energized and happy during their stay in hotels around the country. It's been clinically proven that clean air also leads to better sleep, odor control, and a vast amount of other benefits that will make your hotel more appealing to guests - leading to loyal customers.

Furthermore, travelers and guests will appreciate the attention and the efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. More and more research emerges showing that clean, healthy air is important in limiting COVID-19 and other particles negatively impacting your overall health. According to the EPA, “When used properly, air purifiers can help reduce airborne contaminants including viruses in a confined space.” To put it in a more obvious manner, air purifiers can remove viruses from the air. In fact, Fresh Air Matters distributes top-brand air purifiers that have been through extensive third-party testing just to be able to offer this peace of mind.

Fresh Air Matters Air Purifiers

Among those top-brands are Medify, Molekule, Austin Air Systems, Aura Air, and much more that utilize HEPA filter and UV technology. The Medify MA-40 and MA-50 purifiers, for example, were tested by ARE Labs and removed 99.99% of the particles related to COVID-19 in less than 30 minutes at their highest setting.

The MA-112 purifier was tested by CUBRC Lab and removed 99.95% of the particles related to COVID-19 in 5 minutes at the highest setting with the ionizer on.

However, that doesn’t mean all air purifiers are created equal. The utilization of true HEPA and other clinically tested patented filter technology has been proven to capture allergens, viruses, and pollutants negatively impacting your overall health and the air you breathe. When performing the extensive research required to know which air purifier will work best for your hotel or occupied dwelling, the filter being used should be at the top of the list.

If you’re in the hotel industry, consider the ways that air purifiers can positively impact

Fresh Air Matters - Westinghouse Air Purifiers

your business (and the health of your guests). If you’re planning a hotel stay, take the time to research and find one with high-quality air purifiers in communal areas or better yet - in every room. If you notice that a potential hotel isn't using air purifiers, recommend they contact Fresh Air Matters and utilize our extensive selection of air purifiers scientifically created to create a healthy indoor environment by capturing, removing, and even eliminating the indoor airborne allergens, pollutants, and contaminants negatively impacting the air yo breathe and your overall health.

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