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The Air You Deserve, Made Simple

The world's first eco-friendly air purifier that filters odors and removes particles at .3 microns from within the air you breathe.

EcoFan Filter

Healthy Air for A Healthier You

When you choose EcoFan Filters over traditional air purifiers made of PLASTICS, You're giving cleaner, healthier air to your family and the world. Most air purifiers on the market are manufactured in China and India. Those countries are exposed to higher levels of air pollution than anywhere else. Why?

They don't have the same OSHA, EPA, and FDA regulations for manufacturing standards as the USA. A small change can significantly impact if we all join the movement. Help everyone around the world breathe better with our eco-friendly air purifier.

What Does It Capture?

Dust - The average adult sheds around 600,000 dead skin particles per hour, making your in-home composed of about 50% dead skin cells.

Pollen - Allergy sufferers know how pollen can negatively impact your health. Pollen enters your home through open doors and windows, as well as on clothing and pets.

Pet Dander - Pet dander may linger in the air for a longer time compared to other allergens. It's easy to become airborne and stick to furniture, bedding, and fabrics.

Odor -Remove some of those musty odors with the advanced carbon filters.

Fresh Air Matters offers top-brand and clinically proven air purifiers such as the Ecofan Filter. Proven to capture airborne allergens negatively affecting your IAQ and overall health, EcoFan Filter is easy to install, made in the USA, plastic-free, and much more!

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